Drug Inspector

A Drug Inspector is a professional in the field of Pharmacy who is an expert in monitoring and executing efficiency, safety, quality and usefulness of drugs from the production stage to the final i.e, selling stage . Those who make it to the selection process can live a great professional life with a high-paying job.


To become a Drug Inspector a candidate needs to have completed his Graduation in Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Science or Clinical Pharmacology or Micro-biology or Medicine or any other equivalent qualification with these specializations from a recognized university or institution.


To perform field duty in helping superior/Drugs Inspectors in carrying out samples, enforcement activities like raids/inspections and launching prosecution etc .

To help CDSCO officers at tatters of monitoring documentation.

To carry out duties as may be assigned under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act and Rules framed thereunder

Medication Inspector Career Prospects

Required Skills

A Drug Inspector must have been disciplined himself have patience, total commitment to achieving excellence in the pharma area and self-confidence.

They ought to have the flair to manage various mixtures of salts in order to know the efficacy and utility of their mixtures for well being of human beings.

Candidates should also have the capacity of doing tests to assess the possible compatibility of different salts.

They must be current with the occurring in the field of pharmaceutical and other related technologies.

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